Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'll go ahead & warn ya this email will be posted on my new blog, HOW TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


DE: What books are you planning to read during the summer vacation?

WR: I know the answer: "How To Kill a Mockingbird."

DE: Right. Hey, check it out. We’re just in time for the
prayer meeting in the computer room.

WR: They don't have a student in there, do they?

DE: No. Dey be exorcising dem 'puters.

Sister Martin: Oh Lord! Good Shepherd, help me, Regina Martin, Lord Jesus Christ conquer this demon, oh Lord, Good Shepherd, help me, Regina Martin- St. Patrick, drive away these devils from me, Regina Martin. St. James, protect my body from accident. Oh Lord, Good Shepherd, help me, Regina Martin. St. John, let all of my bad spells and troubles go from the sunrise and the sun setting. Give me good luck and help me to be successful. Oh Lord, Good Shepherd, help me, Regina Martin. St. Michael, conquer this demon, oh, oh, oh, habba, dobba, doobodooba, yabbadabbadobabba, ooohuuuhhaaaaahhhhh

WR: That’s that demon coming out. I hope she gets rid of that
son of a bitch.

Student: Mr. Red, you won’t do. You ought to be 'shamed of your bad self.

Trudy Tartt: Excuse me. In Tammeeko Rice’s momma. Tammeeko call me just a while ago. I need to speak to you ‘bout Tammeeko.

WR: Nice to meet you. My name is Walker Ready.


WR: And yours?

TT: Oh, I'm Trudy Tartt.

WR: Well, Ms. Tartt, there’s no way that Tammeeko is working up to her full potential in my class.

TT: I realize that since Janyary my daughter’s achievement have been reclining.

WR: Ms. Tartt, that’s a little optimistic. Tammeeko has achieved very little, if anything in biology.

TT: I had problems wid bilology when I wents to Washington.

WR: You graduated from Washington?

TT: No, I didn’t walk. I hads to drop out cause I hads Tammeeko. I wish I hads gradgiated. I could a used that diplooma. But I gots by G.O.D. degree.

WR: You got your G.E.D. at Washington State?

TT: Yeah, over to the junior college.

WR: Well, Ms. Tartt, you understand the value of an education.

TT: Sho’ do. That’s why I wants my daughter to get her lessons.

WR: I think that the first thing Tammeeko needs to do is get to school on time.

TT: That’s my fault. The state done took my driver’s license and all I got now is a IUD.

WR: Tammeeko needs to make better arrangements. She also has some other things that she needs to work on.

TT: She told me something 'bout that, but I don't know whether to believe Tammeeko or not.

WR: Ma’am, if you believe your daughter, you are very much mistaken.

TT: All I knows is ya’ll got to keep that chile in school!

WR: If Tammeeko continues keeping bad company, she won't stay here very long.

TT: I don’t care who that girl hangs out with long as she don’t be getting me in trouble.

WR: I understand, Ms. Tartt. I appreciate you coming by and checking up on Tammeeko.

TT: Just do one thing for me, Mr. Ready. Keep that gal in this school. Please! I can’t stand to have that gal a hanging ‘round the house all damn day long!

WR: I’ll call you if she gets out of hand.

TT: I appreciate it, Mr. Ready. I sho’ do.

WR: See you later, Ms. Tartt.

TT: You got to help me keep her in school, Mr. Ready. We can’t afford to lose any of our check. You understand.

WR: I understand. Take care, Ms. Tartt.

[Walker continues on his way down the hall.]